Revitalization of Dallas’ West End Becoming a Reality with Opening of District’s Tallest Building

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – The revitalization of Dallas’ West End is becoming a reality with the opening of The Luminary office building.

The structure’s redevelopment makes it the tallest building in the West End. Crescent Real Estate Managing Director, John Zogg said Thursday that the buildings in the West End are some of the most unique in Dallas.

“The combined effects should be especially appealing to businesses focused on recruiting and retaining young talent who seek flexible, collaborative concepts in desirable, walkable locations,” Zogg said.

The vision for The Luminary started two years ago. Crescent, in partnership with LongWharf Capital LLC, purchased the existing headquarters of Dallas-based architectural firm Cogran in 2017 and announced plans for an innovative expansion to be located at the center of the West End district in Downtown Dallas.

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