FTW Police Chief Again Under Fire; Accused of Causing Dust Up at Hull Ceremony in DC

Joel Fitzgerald (Fort Worth Police Chief)

Fort Worth (WBAP/KLIF) – Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald is again under fire … this time, for allegedly getting into a heated encounter with a CLEAT official at the Washington Police Week ceremony honoring slain Officer Garrett Hull.

The reported incident happened just days after Fitzgerald was publicly booted from CLEAT the organization’s president, Todd Hrrison.

Fitzgerald told wfaa-tv by phone that he waited until after the DC ceremony to have a quote, “civil conversation.” about the matter.

Manny Ramirez (President, FWPOA)

Meantime, Manny Ramirez, (left) who heads up the Fort Worth Police Officers’ Association told WBAP/KLIF that he had a birds-eye view of the incident, along with several other Fort Worth police officers.

Ramirez commended the officers for stepping in to quell the situation.

“I would like to applaud them for professionally handling it… trying to instruct the chief to stop and tell him that it wasn’t the right time. So I think that we did a very good job of controlling a situation that could have been dynamic. “

Meantime, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price saying the she holds all employees to a high standard, including the Chief of Police.

The city is looking into the matter.

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