Appeals Denied in Removal of Confederate Statue, Lawsuit Filed

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – The Dallas City Council’s City Plan Commission sided unanimously with the Landmark Commission in its decision to remove the confederate monument from Pioneer Park.

An hours long debate took place, where two people appealed the original decision, saying the landmark commission overstepped its bounds and violated Dallas citizens’ right to due process.

“The appeals were not supported by the City Plan Commission,” said City of Dallas Public Affairs Officer, Roxana Rubio. “The Landmark Commission’s vote to remove the monument stands. No date has been set for removal.”

The commission decided in March to remove the monument, saying it’s racist and doesn’t belong on public ground.

Rubio said Friday the city will now select a vendor to work the removal.

One of the men who appealed the decision filed a lawsuit Friday requesting a restraining order to block the monument’s removal.

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