Fort Worth Lays Out Plans For Creation of Independent Police Monitor

UPDATED:  Fort Worth (WBAP/KLIF) –  In reaction to news that The City of Fort Worth is moving ahead on the creation of a police monitor position and community review board, the Fort Worth Police Department released the following statement;

“The Task Force recommendations along with the Police Monitor and involved topics are a City initiative.
At this time we have no statements available as City Managers are working through possible solutions for the right fit for Fort Worth.

Any statements on this at this time should be directed to City Hall.”

Meantime, the we’ve also reached out to the fort worth police association.

Fort Worth (WBAP/KLIF) – The City of Fort Worth lays out plans to hire an independent police monitor.

Based on recommendations from the city’s Task Force on Race and Culture, City Manager David Cook will ask city council to approve the creation of a police monitor position in the city manager’s office

Recruitment for the job will start in early summer. The person hired will lead efforts at forming a community police oversight board beginning October first.

(YouTube screenshot)

Funding for the position and an assistant is estimated at 300-thousand dollars a year.

The Task Force on Race and Culture recommended the oversight board as a way to increase the community’s trust in the department. Creation of the police oversight

board was among a series of recommendations born out of several months of community forums aimed at addressing race issues in the city.

The task force was created after the viral 2016 police arrest of a Fort Worth mother who called officers for help after a neighbor assaulted her child.

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