Ex Co-Worker Speaks Up for Former Plano Bartender Accused of Over-Serving Customer

(Plano Police Department)

Plano (WBAP/KLIF) – A former coworker of the Plano bartender charged for over-serving alcohol to a man before he went on a murderous rampage is coming to her defense.

Brandt Banks has set up and GoFundMe page for Lindsey Glass, saying that she has been “through hell and back” since the shooting.

He writes: “She’s had occupational opportunities withdraw…Her bank accounts depleted, credit cards maxed out, and [she has] a lifetime of sadness to deal with because a mad man snapped.”

Brandt says glass did everything she could to keep the eventual mass shooter, Spencer Hight at the bar.

According to documents, and the GoFundMe, Brandt was called to the bar by Glass after Hight began acting strangely. She texted Brandt saying that Hight (a regular at the bar) repeatedly said that he has to “put someone in their place.”

Banks says that Glass wanted to call police but the bar owner was against it.

Hight eventually left the bar and killed 8 people, including his estranged wife at her house during a Cowboys watch party.

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