Denton Homeless Camp to be Cleared, Mounds of Trash and Junk Near Pecan Creek

DENTON (WBAP/KLIF)- Denton City Officials are clearing out a homeless camp. The camp is under the Loop 288 bridge in the Pecan Creek area. It’s an approximately 10,000-square-foot wooded area that’s home to around 30 people, according to officials. Sarah Kuechler with the City of Denton said it’s completely filled with trash, human waste, furniture and other junk. “The reason why we’re clearing it out is because it’s been a public health and safety concern for camp residents, nearby neighborhoods businesses” Kuechler said. “The trash has been accumulated over a year or more and it’s gotten out of control,” she said.

Kuechler also said there has been several fire and police reports about smoke near the area. Additionally, some reported concerns of contamination in the nearby waterways.
A city outreach team made up of city leaders, law enforcement and shelter staff, has gone to the site to offer services and help these campers get into a shelter.

They’ve also posted signs to notify camp residents to move within 15 days. Then, crew will begin cleaning the area and remove left behind belongings.

Two homeless individuals that wanted to remain anonymous said they used to live under 288 and know some people who still do. “I used to live there but I respect myself so I respect my space and don’t leave trash everywhere… you have to be respectful of the environment that you’re in and the people around you,” one said. The other mention mental health illness being an issue. “It just gets so out of hand and they don’t know what to do and they don’t care about picking up after themselves,” he said.

The street outreach team will continue to monitor the site for future activity.



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