The Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial to undergo Significant Repairs in Fair Park

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF)- The Texas Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Fair Park will undergo restoration and repairs.

The memorial features five granite slabs with the names of over 3 thousand Texans killed in action and over 150 missing in action.

The project, funded by the State Fair of Texas, will be completed in time for the fair in September.

John Parrish is a Vietnam war vet and president of the organization that runs the memorial. He said they’ve been pushing for this for over 3 years. “It’s been very important us and over the years we’ve seen the wall deteriorate and it was embarrassing so we’re going to stay on top of it and make sure it gets done,” Parrish said.

George H.W Bush dedicated the memorial 30 years ago. Scott Norton with Fair Park said it was time for much needed repairs  “This project is very important to us. The Veterans actually come out to the fair every year and teach people about the names and share their stories,” he said.

To make a donation to the Friends of the Texas Vietnam Memorial Organization click here


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