Many Early Tax Filers Are Angry Over an Unexpected ‘You Owe’


Dallas-Fort Worth (WBAP/KLIF) – As thousands of americans are reporting lower returns on their taxes under President Trump’s new tax law, North Texans remain split on whether or not the law is good.

“I think there’s a disconnect between government and the people and what it takes to actually survive, said one North Texas man; another said, “You’re a moron, I want it, I want it now and if I don’t get what I want I’m gonna complain.”

A nurse wrote to President trump on twitter saying he lost thousands of dollars on his return, prompting a response from thousands more.

Some experts say it’s too early to determine if the new law will cause Americans to lose money.

The Wall Street Journal reports that IRS data released Friday shows “about 10% of households that have already filed their returns, the percentage of households getting tax refunds is similar to last year, but average refund size is down 8%, to $1,865. The number of returns filed so far—16 million—is down 12% from the similar point a year ago.”

Meantime, many homeowners are upset that the new new legislation wiped out the deduction for home equity debt, including on existing loans, beginning in 2018.

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