Freda Ross 1/10/17; Buy Yourself Something Pretty

fredaWe just finished the holiday season. A time to show your loved ones how you feel by sharing a gift, like the Wise Men brought gifts to Baby Jesus.

I asked my Facebook friends what they bought themselves for Christmas. Many of them said “nothing.” Not surprising to me most of the “nothings” came from women. I will admit a few years ago I would have answered the same way. I never thought to buy anything for myself until a friend asked me the same question.

When I said “nothing” she asked “why not?!?!?” Don’t you work hard, don’t you give to others, don’t you deserve to treat yourself? Yes, yes, and…”yes???”

The first time I bought myself something for a special occasion it felt weird. I was almost ashamed. I’m pretty frugal with my money (some would say cheap) and I kept thinking of the responsible things I could do with the funds. Pay off a bill, save the money, or make a charitable contribution. I then realized buying myself a little something wouldn’t keep me from doing those things.

So now when I shop for others I might pick up something for myself. My birthday is coming up and I’m treating myself to a weekend getaway. My gifts to me aren’t usually that extravagant, but sometimes a girl has to splurge.

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