Tropical Storm Barry Slowly Moving Through Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS (WBAP/KLIF) – Tropical Storm Barry is moving through Louisiana at slow speeds after making landfall Saturday afternoon in Intracoastal City Louisiana.

The storm was a short lived hurricane but brought storm surge up to six feet in some areas of the coast. Heavy rain remains in the forecast from Mississippi to the western edge of Louisiana.

Tens of thousands of power outages were reported Saturday in the southern portion of the state. Authorities in New Orleans say the threat of mass flooding is not over yet and residents are asked to shelter in place. Flood gates around the Mississippi River and Lake Ponchatrain are closed.

People across southern Louisiana were encouraged to continue to shelter in place.

“I’ve got charcoal and my grill ready in case we lose power,” a New Orleans resident said. “If the lake and the river floods, I’m scared the city will go under.”

New Orleans Police closed several low lying roads late Friday and urged residents heed to all warnings and abide by closures.

“Help us, help you and we will survive this storm together,” said NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson.

Other roads across the state are closed in areas with standing water.

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