Gov. Abbott Extends Life of State Plumbing Board Through 2021

Fort Worth, Austin (WBAP.KLIF) – By executive order, Governor Greg Abbott extended the life of a state board that regulates plumbers.

The Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners is good to go at least until the state legislature reconvenes in 2021. Lawmakers abolished it effective September first after deeming it ‘not worth keeping around’ during a Sunset review.

In reaction, the Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors Association of Texas, said its ‘grateful’ to Abbott for ‘maintaining the plumbing certifications and licenses necessary to preserve the health, safety and well-being of all Texans.’ Plumbers locally and statewide were outraged over the decision to abolish the board last month.

At least one local plumber and member of several plumbing boards, says now may be the time to review perceived inefficiencies of their state licensing board.

Jeff Longspaugh, owner of Clearwater Plumbers in Fort Worth told WBAP/KLIF News:

“I think this is a wake up call that we need to pay more attention. I think it’s going to take a minute to maybe work out some of the inefficiencies of what was the State Board of Texas Examiners and get it fined tuned where it’s more efficient and more safe for the plumber, the consumer and the industry.”

Governor Abbott was had the authority to reverse the decision to abolish the agency until the next legislative session.

Reaction to the move has been mixed:


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