Alliance Texas to be Safety Test Hub for Future Global Transportation Technologies

FORT WORTH (WBAP/KLIF)- Alliance Texas will soon be the hub for Uber and other companies to test driver-less cars and air taxi technology.

Alliance Texas, a 26,000-acre master-planned development and home to Fort Worth Alliance Airport is working with several companies to improve mobility, globally.
Wyatt Smith is the head of Business Development for Uber Elevate, he said the company is working to test a new ride share air taxi. “One of the technologies that we are working to develop is an on demand aerial ride sharing network where people can go on electric vertical take off and landing air craft, or a new form of air taxi,” Smith said. He said he’s excited to work with Alliance, where these technologies can be safely and reliably tested. He said Alliance has a long history of aviation and is a great place to start. “We are really excited about North Texas we think the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship here is really special,” Smith said.”It’s indicative of the Texas spirit around helping to build the future and doing so in a way that will catalyze growth for the whole country and the world,” he said.

Another technology to be tested is driver-less transportation.

Mike Berry president of Hillwood, developer of Alliance, said they’re looking to test driver-less freight trains to increase supply chain efficiency.

“My hope is that this will attract the next generation of transportation leaders, manufacturing companies  and tech providers and it will be a great economic growth opportunity for the region and bring in even more jobs,” said Berry.

The first stage of tests is set to begin this Fall.



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