Police Groups Call for Removal of Dallas Police Chief

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – Two Police groups are asking for the removal of Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall amid a recent increase in violent crime and what the groups call “a lack of leadership.”

Dallas Police Sergeant George Arranda said Wednesday that many officers are frustrated that the department was in a position to accept help from the state amid increasing crime. Governor Greg Abbott pledged the help of the Texas Department of Public Safety to the Dallas Police Department last week.

“We’re embarrassed,” said Sgt. Arranda. “This is the first time we have had to actually accept assistance from an outside Police agency.”

The National Latino Law Enforcement Organization and the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas are both calling for Hall to be fired. Each group claims that a survey showed the majority of their members don’t have confidence in Chief Hall.

The largest Police Association in Dallas was absent from Wednesday’s press conference. DPA President Mike Mata said he didn’t believe joining the other two groups was appropriate at this time.

“We didn’t want any division in the rank and file,” said Mata. “We felt her job performance will speak for itself.”

Mata said it’s up to the City Council to evaluate Hall’s performance. He said he is in constant communication with the council about his concerns regarding the Chief.

The Black Police Association of Greater Dallas is standing with Chief Hall. Organization President Terrance Hopkins says Hall inherited many of the problems including a failing pension fund.

“We had a crime spike in one month in two years. So, do you blame her for that one month?” Hopkins told WBAP’s Rick Roberts Show.

Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax says Hall has a strategic approach to restructure the department and continues to have his support.

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