Red Cross Gives Tips for Predicted Severe Weather in North Texas

DALLAS/FORT WORTH (WBAP/KLIF)- Severe weather, high winds and possibly hail across the Metroplex is predicted for Wednesday evening.

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Dan Halyburton with The American Red Cross said to make sure you have extra batteries or a portable charger to stay in touch if power goes out.

“Tune into radio stations and weather alerts…make sure your phone is charged so that you can get emergency messages coming your way,” he said.

Halyburton also said most people who find themselves stuck in severe weather are typically unaware that iit is approaching.  He said if there’s a chance of a tornado or hail, go to a safe room in the center of your home- away from windows.

Also, if you’re caught in your car, get out and go to a safe place indoors as soon as possible. “One of the things that’s really critical is being aware of weather conditions around you…unfortunately we hear so many stories of injuries or worse because people are in their automobile during severe weather,” he said.

Also, keep your car undercover if there’s a chance of hail storm.

Some other tips being served up by auto insurance and other agencies:


• Stay inside the vehicle. Hail deaths and injuries are rare, according to The Weather Channel,

• Pull over and wait out the storm, and move away from the sunroof if your vehicle has one.

• Position your car toward the storm. “That’s because windshield glass is specially reinforced and less likely to break,” according to NAPA Automotive.

• “Lie down, if possible, and keep your back to the windows.”

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