Child Abuse Suspect Jailed in Parker County Lockup

WEATHERFORD – WBAP/KLIF – A Springtown man is jailed and facing child abuse charges as an 8 week old critically injured baby fights for life.

Parker County Sheriff’s officials say 20 eyar old Kaleb Ray Eisenmann was watching his girlfriend’s children, including an 8 week old baby, on Valentine’s Day.  Allegations assert when the mother returned home, she found her baby lethargic and suffering seizures.  Hospital staff say the  baby suffered severe head trauma, consistent, they say, with abuse.  Sheriff’s investigators say the other children were released back to the care of the mother, who is not a suspect.

Officials say Eisenmann told them he got frustrated when the baby would not stop crying, and while “I didn’t slam him in the bed”….”I put him down really kinda hard (sic)”

Eisenmann is charged with injury to a child with intent to cause bodily injury.  His  bond was set at $50,000.  Investigation continues.

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