Organization donates 200k worth of Body Armor to Fort Worth PD

FORT WORTH (WBAP/KLIF)- A non profit organization donates almost $200,000 worth of body armor to the Fort Worth Police Department

Officer Buddy Calzada said Shield 616 gave the department 83 Rifle Raided vests for active shooter type situations. “They are going to be used for a more intense situation where we have the knowledge that there will be rifle raided rounds fired at us or a more intense fire,” Calzada said.

He said officers wear bullet prrof vests on a daily basis but these vests will be used for front line special response teams for extra protection. “This means for us that 83 families will worry less and 83 more officers will be equipped to keep the streets safe in fort worth,” Calzada said.

Officers thanked the organization at a City Council meeting Tuesday night.



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