Dallas Criminal Judge Launches Podcast on Famous Trials with Texas Ties

Judge Brandon Birmingham. Photo Courtesy Dallas County

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – A District Court Judge in Dallas County is telling stories of famous criminal trials with Texas ties through a new podcast.

The Honorable Brandon Birmingham of the 292nd District Court, among other cases, is known as the judge who recently presided over the trial of former Balch Springs Police Officer Roy Oliver.

Birmingham tells of his research in famous cases through the podcast called ‘A Murderous Design.’

Judge Birmingham launched the podcast on Halloween last year about a man with Texas ties associated with Charles Manson.

“Tex Watson was a guy from Denton. He went to North Texas, it was called North Texas State at the time. He worked for Braniff Airlines. He just had all these ties and so I decided to start looking into that case,” Birmingham said.

Birmingham also has podcasts on other cases with ties to Texas including Charlie Albright and the Trinity River Massacre.

“Deputy sheriffs were serving a warrant and they were overtaken by those that they were serving the warrant on,” Birmingham says of the Trinity River Massacre. “Three of them were executed down at the Trinity River. That’s what I’ve got this week.”

The podcast is available through iTunes, spotify, and spreaker. Those interested can also follow Birmingham at @JudgeBirmingham on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Birmingham hopes his work outside of the courtroom and behind the microphone can be a tool for the public to fully understand what goes on in the courtroom in an objective and truthful way. It is not sensationalism, he says, it is just the facts.

Hear WBAP’s Eric Bushman’s report with Judge Birmingham below:

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