Travis County GOP Leader Speaks Out Against Fellow Republican Over ‘White Nationalist’ Post

Texas (WBAP/KLIF) – A Republican leader in Texas is calling for the removal of fellow Republican Ray Myers from his state leadership post after Myers declared himself a white nationalist.

Late last month, Myers declared in a Facebook post which has since been deleted that he is a white nationalist and “proud of it” in response to an article about CNN reporter Jim Acosta, 

The article was talking about whether Americans think President Trump is a white supremacist.

Myers, of Kaufman County serves as a member on the Texas Republican Platform Committee, and helped run Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign.

In a tweet, Matt Mackowiak, GOP chairman in Travis County called for Myer’s removal:

Mackowiak told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that Myers’ comments are “problematic and hurt the Republican party.”

“Any comment that any Republican makes that can be credibly received as racist or racially insensitive is profoundly unhelpful right now.” He said, “Myers comments are unacceptable, and we have to be clear about that. We have to police our own side.”

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