Walid Phares to Newsmax: Hamas Prepping ‘Final Battle’

Political analyst Walid Phares said to Newsmax that because the Israeli Defense Force has discovered a network of tunnels under the headquarters of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in Gaza City, this “signals” that a final battle will commence in the south of Israel.

Speaking with “Sunday Report,” Phares said, “The fact that they discovered this labyrinth — this advanced structure of defense — means many things.

“Number one, they spend so much money on structuring these defenses — the block house structures underground. And number two, who provided them with all that technology? Gaza is surrounded. Obviously, this is Iran and the money of Iran. But more important, this signals that the Israelis have now reached the third stage, meaning this is all happening in the south, and this is where Hamas would like to do the final battle” and “hope that their lobby — the Iran lobby — will push for a cease-fire.”

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