This Father’s Day, Make Sure Dad Is Taking Care of His Health

After sacrificing countless family gatherings to the pandemic, this year is sure to be filled with heartwarming reunions for many on Father’s Day.

This Father’s Day also aligns with International Men’s Health Awareness Week. While families across the country will be celebrating with the father figures in their lives this weekend, they should also use the opportunity to check in and make sure that Dad is keeping his health on track after a year in quarantine.

For many men, the pandemic took a significant toll. According to a survey from, 37 percent of men reported that they felt more stressed after working from home compared to just 19 percent of women. Similarly, 42 percent of men reported that they were finding it difficult to work from home while caring for their children compared to just 26 percent of women.While working from home was certainly stressful for many, others are having an even tougher time looking for new employment. According to the survey, 37 percent of men are looking for a new job either because they lost their job or they are seeking a different position.

These stressors can take a toll on an individual’s wellbeing. After all, stress is linked to an increased likelihood of cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal problems, and chronic pain. It can even make you more likely to catch the common cold and flu.

In addition to added stress, the pandemic has also caused many to gain weight. In fact, fifty-seven percent of men reported that they gained weight during the pandemic. Interestingly, younger men under the age of 34 gained the most weight. This may be due, in part, to extra alcohol consumption. It turns out 38 percent of men increased their consumption during lockdown.

Between the added stress and the added pounds, it’s more important than ever that everyone attends their annual physical, dental appointments, and cancer screenings. This is especially crucial for the 44 percent of men who admitted to skipping an in-person medical exam during the pandemic because they did not want to risk being exposed to COVID-19.

While coronavirus took a toll on the men in our lives, there were also some silver linings. To start, many men were able to spend more time at home with their spouses and children.

Forty percent of men actually said their relationship with their spouse improved during the pandemic. That may have something to do with the fact that 72% of men said they were doing more chores now than prior to the pandemic. The added chores may not have been a highlight of quarantine but spending extra time with the family certainly was. Now, 53% of men report that they will miss the additional family time when they return to work.

The vaccine, which 77 percent of men have already gotten or plan to get soon, has helped make it so that COVID-19 rates are plummeting, and families can finally reunite. But many men are still struggling to get back on their feet personally, professionally, or medically following the pandemic. Fortunately, Father’s Day gatherings are the perfect time to check in to ensure that the men in your life are doing well.

Whether your family celebrates Father’s Day at a baseball game or in a backyard, be sure to find a moment to remind your loved ones to get their health and wellness back on track as Americans make their great return to normal.

Jan Dubauskas is a healthcare expert, enthusiastic insurance pro, attorney and mom serving as Vice President of

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