Guatemalan President Blames Dems for Border Crisis

The president of Guatemala says he blames the United States border crisis on President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ “lukewarm” response to the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border. The statement comes after President Alejandro Giammattei met with Vice President Kamala Harris where he urged her to impose harsher penalties on human trafficking. Harris had met with Giammattei at a summit as part of her first foreign visit in office.

“Well, humanitarian messages were used here by the coyotes in a distorted manner because what they said over there was that they will promote family reunification,” Giammattei expressed, according to the New York Post. The Guatemalan president’s comment seems to refer to Biden’s messaging on immigration during the campaign.

“So the coyotes came and took the children and the teenagers to the United States and the borders were full, not only with people from Guatemala, but with a lot of people from all over,” Giammattei added. “Which is why our proposal is that messages should be clear.”

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