Dershowitz Decries Politicizing of Public Trials

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz on Sunday decried the politicizing of trials in the public eye.

Appearing on “The Cats Roundtable” radio show on WABC 770 AM hosted by John Catsimatidis, Dershowitz called the idea of Kyle Rittenhouse being forced to leave Arizona State University following backlash of his trial as “outrageous!”

“It’s pure McCarthyism,” he added. “When people were acquitted back in the day of McCarthyism, they were still thrown out of school. I remember defending people in Brooklyn College who were being thrown out of school for being communists. Students and professors. We cannot go back to that bad time.… I see it happening at trials all over the country. Trials have become political events. Whether it’s the Theranos trial in California, or the Maxwell case going on in New York.”

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